March 2019 Newsletter

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Make your best shoes sing and spark joy in your wardrobe and suitcase!  Available in all shoe size ranges and a fabulous choice of colours!  Or have custom made at no extra charge, just email your requests!

Choose from window shapes - circular, horizontal, square, diamond, triangular or diagonal!  All handmade and Registered Designs and perfect for storing and traveling with your best shoes!

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Our next Craft Fair stall is on April 20th from 10-3 at the Ely Cathedral Conference Centre, Palace Green, Ely,  CB7 4EW.
Come and see us there and get those fabulous hand made gifts for yourself and family and friends!

The perfect shoe buddy when traveling for work or holiday!  Pack flat in your suitcase and hang your shoes with your outfit, ready in the wardrobe!   Saves time and stress to be prepared in advance !

Each pouch has a zip closure and a hanging loop for convenient wardrobe hanging at home and on holiday. Water resistant and machine washable, yougoshoego pouches protect your clothes from your shoes and your shoes from each other! Handmade with re-inforced seams at the zip and loop ends - will last forever!

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