Yougoshoego pouches were the ideal packing Go-To for my holiday!

Whether it's a quick short break here in the Uk, or a destination holiday abroad, Yougoshoego pouches are the consummate shoe-packing buddy!

Packing flat in my suitcase and then hanging with  outfitis- dresses, trousers, shorts, whatever, in the hotel wardrobe made being evening-ready a doddle!   Also, for flying off again the next day, comfy shoes hanging there with comfy clothes for the flight was just so convenient and made the rest of my packing so easy peesy!

The pouches are flat but the shoes, unless ballet flats or slippers, are mostly not flat, so I prefer to pack them into the deep lid area of my hard-shell suitcase.  This is the ideal spot as it is deep enough and keeps the shoes all together in their pouches.  Flat beach sandals or flipflops pack several in one pouch so that is also very holiday practical.   Also, if it has been wet outside and my shoes are still damp, Yougoshoego pouches protect your clothes as they are all water resistant!

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