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A pretty shoe pouch with a horizontal transparent window, hanging loop and zip closure.

Now for 2019 we have changed our packaging to recycled and recyclable Kraft paper to do our bit to help the environment.  We also feel that even though plastic and nylon are used in the handmade finished product, Yougoshoego®️pouches are designed to last a very long time.  So buying these pretty and functional pouches avoids using single use plastic bags for packing your shoes for travel.  

To make sure that our pouches last a very long time and keep their best features, the seams are re-inforced at both ends of the zip and also across the hanging loop.  These are areas of stress and therefore benefit from extra care.

Another development for the New Year is the planning of a regular, monthly handmade craft fair in Cambridge.  Called Camcrafthandmade, this is a Facebook group and has almost 100 members in just one month!  We are working hard to find a suitable venue to hold a monthly fair.  Watch this space!

As if that wasn't enough, there are also several new designs in the pipeline!  They will be kept under wraps until the designs are registered to protect against copying, but the range is proving so popular, new designs are bound to enhance the brand!

Choose now from the full range of styles, sizes and colours!  


A lovely pink and royal blue shoe pouch with diagonal transparent window, a hanging loop and zip closure.

So, yes, we know that you can store your shoes at home, in your wardrobe in boxes or on shelves.  We also know that you can store them in boxes with clear lids to have them visible.  But what you absolutely cannot do with those methods is take them on holiday in your suitcase!  This is what you absolutely can do with Yougoshoego®️pouches!  You can hang them in your wardrobe on a hook or a hanger and you can pack them in your suitcase and then you can hang them in your wardrobe again when you reach your destination!   A better solution by far!

A perfect gift too! Choose from our full range of sizes, styles & colours


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