Yougoshoego®️ Show the love for your best shoes! Nice things for your nice things!

7 reasons why you need Yougoshoego®️pouches for your shoes!


•  transparent window for instant visibility!

•  super lightweight!

•  water resistant!

•  machine washable!

•  can hang or lie flat!

•  choose your own colours!

•  choose from six window shapes! 

 Are you someone who loves shoes and clothes and everything nice? A fashion and shoe addict?  Me too!  Yougoshoego®️is here!  Designed to provide functional and attractive storage and travel for shoes or boots.  Each made from water resistant fabric with a transparent window and a hanging loop, this is shoe travel heaven!  Get brownie points for avoiding single use plastic bags and make your shoes proud!!

And/`Or are you a busy hi-flier with a top job and everything that goes with it?  Are you frequently living in hotels and traveling minimally but need practical solutions?

Don't you just hate when you have to rummage through every bag to find the shoes you want to put on now.. So the transparent window in each pouch allows instant visibility and all six designs are now registered so they are very special.   For holiday or work travel, take your footwear in style and hang it with your chosen outfit for speedy get up and go!  A pouch for every pair! Or a larger one to take more than one pair - especially for those casual days of Sketchers and flip-flops!