About Yougoshoego®️

Yougoshoego®️was born out of frustration that there was no really neat way to store or transport shoes that didn't have you rummaging forever through boxes or bags trying to find the ones you wanted!  I decided therefore to create Yougoshoego®️to cover this need and provide a very attractive and functional product that was also very lightweight and water resistant.  I call them pouches rather than bags as it indicates that they are big enough but not too big and also avoids the perception that they might be like the old draw-string bags we all used at school!  I used to use plastic bags for wrapping my shoes when traveling but that looked horrible and again, you still have to rummage to find the ones you want right now!  So, with the idea that "nice things for your nice things" should guide the development, a range of bright, vibrant and also pastel fabrics was sourced. Different shaped windows, all now registered designs to deter copiers, allows the shoes to be instantly identified and the edgy two-colour designs enhance the whole look!