Newsletter July 22 2018


You are a busy working woman with an important job and a workload to match!  Mornings are a race to get everything done and yourself out of the door!

Maybe you’re even juggling home and work and family too?  What you don’t need is extra stress, hassle and effort! 

Yougoshoego ® pouches enable you to get ready ahead!  Whether just for tomorrow’s workday or a business trip, an evening function or a holiday! 

Having your chosen outfit with your shoes – at the ready, on a hanger in your wardrobe, suitcase and later, your hotel is a real timesaver!

No more rummaging through everything – Yougoshoego pouches are extremely lightweight, water resistant, machine washable and each has a transparent window for easy see!   A hanging loop, zip closure and three sizes in six gorgeous designs! Protects your shoes and your clothes! Make your wardrobe Proud!  And get a big halo for not using plastic bags for your shoes!

Perfect as gifts !  See full collection and buy online