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It does what it says on the tin!

Yougoshoego®️ the name, was conceived in a nice hot bath with a large glass of wine and after a long and cold run! I had for ages searched for an attractive and practical way to both store my shoes and travel with them. I didn't find anything approaching either of those asks, so I decided I would design and create it myself.

I wanted a gorgeous product that would fulfil a Dual Use function - storage and travel and Yougoshoego does that in spades! You can hang it, stack it and pack it flat in your suitcase and you cannot do that with shoe boxes or shoe racks! And another important characteristic - it must help the environment by discouraging single use plastic. This is so important! Now we're never going to rid the world of plastic altogether as it is too essential for so many things but we can persuade people to go for the "Bag for Life" option and Yougoshoego is exactly that!

Two years on and we have a lovely range of shoe pouches for everyone! There are the lovely, pretty and girly ones

and the practical and punchy gender neutral ones!

Then there are the adorable ones for the little starlets in your lives! Boys and girls play football, do ballet and go swimming and though their skill levels might differ, their propensity to lose and forget their stuff does not. To help remedy this, we created their range too.

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